CADIVI continue attending Fair high quality Vietnam in HCMC in 2018

  • 02:53, 26/03/2018
  • 1658
Following the success of the program Fair Vietnam high quality goods in 2017, CADIVI continue attending HVNCLC HC 2018 program was held at the Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City from 03/4 to 08/04.

HVNCLC Fair in HCMC is held annually every year as one of the fair gathered participation number largest enterprises, abundance of goods, variety, thereby attracting a large number of consumers to sightseeing and shopping, purchasing power significantly stimulate the market.

In addition, Fair HVNCLC in HCMC also contributed significantly in expanding the brand promotion for the list in general and in particular CADIVI, creating a bridge between enterprises and consumers, thereby helping companies now better meet the needs of consumers.

Come to the fair this year HVNCLC HCMC, CADIVI continue to introduce consumers to the traditional products such as electrical wire, bare copper wire, power cables, fire resistant cables ... and a number of new products such as telephone cable, coaxial cable.

Invite you to visit booth A 37-38 CADIVI at the exhibition space in the house, the Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City from 03/4 to end on 08/04.