CADIVI and DAT XANH GROUP signed a strategic cooperation agreement

  • 12:06, 21/06/2017
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On June 20, 2007, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI) and Dat Xanh Group



Dat Xanh Group gives priority to suppliers of materials, design consultancy, construction contractor, and project management consultants with top-quality reputation at home and abroad to jointly create products. Safety products, suitable for market tastes. In particular, important criteria for the cooperation process is to ensure quality, timely delivery, intelligent design orientation, sustainable development and environmentally friendly for the project.

In addition to CADIVI is a partner in the field of electrical cables, Dat Xanh has cooperated with leading names such as CPG Consulting Group, Ong & Ong. Apave, Synergy Project Management Consulting and Supervision Team. An Phong Construction Group, CBM. LIXIL, Kohler, AkzoNobel, Schneider, Thyssenkrupp, Truong Thanh ... Supply Chain Management Group. After this strategic cooperation agreement, the key projects of Dat Xanh Group nationwide will be the participation of these partners.


Figure - Green Land Group leaders and units signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

* Mr. Le Quang Dinh - General Director of CADIVI ((Second ride from right)

* Le Trong Dan - General Director of Quy Nhon Power Equipment Company Limited (standing on the right)

With the worldwide integration, especially in Asia, CADIVI, together with its efforts and strength, has gradually affirmed its leading position in the market of electric cables, , Domestic and foreign customers highly appreciate the production capacity of electric wire, cable, electrical appliances of good quality and always stable, meet domestic and foreign standards, supply to the public The project has been national and international for many years. From that trust, CADIVI is increasingly investing and diversifying, improving the quality of products to deserve the trust and trust of partners and customers. In the development strategy, the company wishes to have the opportunity to cooperate with the major domestic construction companies to enhance their competitive advantage and bring practical benefit to both parties.

The strategic partnership between Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company (CADIVI) and Dat Xanh Group is in line with the development orientation and business objectives of both companies in the period. The new development will create conditions for the two sides to support each other for sustainable development in the coming time.