CADIVI adding QR codes on building wire labels

  • 09:00, 29/11/2017
  • 3337

First of all, Vietnam Cement Joint Stock Company would like to thank customers for their trust and use of CADIVI brand cables for the past time.

In order to meet the needs of the market and to improve the quality of products to serve customers better, our company has continuously researched and invested technology, constantly improving the merchandise trade. CADIVI.

CADIVI Company would like to inform customers about the products of the products that we produce in the coming time.


  1. CADIVI adds a QR code on the civil wiring label (as illustrated). When customers use smart phones using Android and IOS operating systems that feature QR code in the lab will get the following information:
    • SP: The name and symbol of the product
    • TC: Standard applicable
    • NSX: Factory
    • STT: Label number
    • QL: Code management
    • HDSD: The path to viewing the User Guide.
    2. The content of information on units, products, specifications and instructions on using, preserving and warning on the new label has not changed, still follow the old label and comply with the Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP of April 14, 2017 on goods labels.

    Vietnam Electrical Cable Corporation (CADIVI) will begin to print the QR code on the goods labels for newly produced products and circulate into the market as of 1 December 2017. Products manufactured before December 1, 2017 still use our previous label and continue to circulate until it expires.

    CADIVI company would like to confirm that this change does not affect the quality of CADIVI brand products that have been trusted by consumers, so far. The change only aims to improve the quality control of products and develop CADIVI brand in the near future.

    Please sincerely thank customers for facilitating the development of CADIVI.