Photovoltaic cable CADIVI H1Z2Z2-K - your choice for a green planet

  • 07:54, 20/02/2020
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Recently, the Southern Power Association has written a review on the solar cable product H1Z2Z2-K of CADIVI. As a member of Vietnam Electricity Association, during the past time, the Southern Electricity Association has contributed significantly to the development of the electricity industry in the southern provinces and cities of our country.

CADIVI company would like to introduce to you the article "CADIVI Solar Cable H1Z2Z2-K - your choice for a green planet" has just been posted on the website of the Southern Power Association.

Solar power (Photovoltaics) is the largest source of energy that humans take advantage and put into use. Especially, this is a reliable and clean renewable energy source that we can exploit permanently and never exhausted. Successful operation of the solar energy source reduces the negative impact on the environment and brings many other positive effects.
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The current source of human fossil energy starts from the use of coal, to the modern era, with more oil and gas and nuclear power. But so far science has proven the heavy impact of using fossil energy on the Earth's environment as the planet's warming warts climate change leading to melting ice at the Earth's poles. ... or natural disasters are always lurking due to the maximum exploitation of hydropower projects.
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With the awareness that the inevitable and irreversible trend of the future will use renewable energy sources in society and at the same time to meet the increasing demand of using solar power grids in our country, From August 2019, CADIVI Company has successfully researched and developed the H1Z2Z2-K solar cable product, from which put into widespread production to serve the needs of customers in the market.
Solar cable H1Z2Z2-K CADIVI has many outstanding advantages compared to other cables such as:
The insulating layer and protective cover use XLPO materials imported from Europe and the United States, characterized by fire-retardant with less toxic fumes, protecting the health of users.
The copper conductor is soft tin-coated, helping the cable work well under harsh conditions such as acids, bases with long-term working temperatures up to 90OC, up to 120 OC in 20,000 hours.
The cable has the ability to turn itself off after removing the fire source, in addition to having good UV resistance.
In addition to the BS-EN 50618: 2014 standard certificate of the 3-level quality measurement technical standard center, the CADIVI solar cable product is also organized by TUV Rheinland (Germany). Independent objective has been granted with EN-50618: 2014 standard.
The H1Z2Z2-K CADIVI cable has excelled at the test of continuous operation for 20,000 hours with a temperature of 120 OC. This is a tough indicator of EN-50618: 2014 standard that few other brands can achieve.

Therefore, CADIVI is proud to have served solar cables in many projects and projects nationwide. Typically, Hong Phong 2 Solar Power Plant, Gelex Ninh Thuan Solar Power Plant, besides there are solar projects in the provinces of Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Tay Ninh, Long An, Tra Vinh .... The choice of the above investors has proved the trust and support of customers for a high quality product of Vietnam manufactured by CADIVI.
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CADIVI Company believes that the H1Z2Z2-K solar cable product along with other environmentally friendly products such as VCmo-LF; CE / FRT-LSHF, VCm / HR-LF ... will be our first efforts to contribute a part of the effort to protect the environment, helping our planet become greener and cleaner. .