On Sept.24, 2022, CADIVI Company successfully organized the Thanh Hoa Customer Conference in 2022 held in Thanh Hoa City with the participation of about 200 guests. This is an opportunity for CADIVI to express its gratitude to dealers, electrical stores, M&E contractors, shops, electricians,…. in the North.

On September 18, 2022, at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City jubilantly held the CADIVI Trade Union Sports Festival 2022 with the participation of 190 athletes from 2 factories and company offices. . The sports festival took place successfully on the same day.
Implementation Programme national trade promotion in 2022, the Trade Promotion Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade held Vietnam Laos Trade Fair 2022 (VIETLAO EXPO 2022) in Vientiane capital, Laos from 25/08 to 29 / 08/ 2022.


Currently, to select wires and cables for projects, it is usually done according to the following steps:





The walking program "For victims of Agent Orange/dioxin" was held on the 61st anniversary of the Agent Orange/dioxin disaster in Vietnam (August 10, 1961 - August 10, 2022) to share. , to soothe the soul, to try to close the past, towards the future. With the attendance of about 5,000 people, the program was broadcast live on channel VTV9 of Vietnam Television.
On April 19, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) opened the National Brand Week 2021 and the Vietnam Brand Forum 2021 with the theme: "Vietnam National Brand - Vi new position, new value "with the participation of Vietnamese overseas businesses, the Department of Industry and Trade and local businesses (DN) via online form.
In order to add added value to CADIVI brand electric cables, CADIVI has developed the feature of fire protection for all product lines of electric cables. This feature helps customers feel more secure when using CADIVI wires in industrial and civil projects.

Currently, the South is in the dry season, hot weather, the demand for electricity of the people is increasing and electricity accidents often happen due to carelessness, lack of technical information in the process of using electricity.

In order to contribute to propagating information about economical, efficient and proper use of electricity in the dry season, Tuoi Tre newspaper organized a seminar with the topic "Using electricity in hot weather: Safety and saving" in the city. HCM City on April 15, 2021.


Survey report comparing the electrochemical corrosion resistance of composite core: Carbon fiber core with fiberglass shell (according to the design of CTC-Global USA) versus carbon fiber core with aluminum alloy shell.

Articles of R&D Division - CADIVI company.


Celebrating International Women's Day 8/3, Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company - CADIVI would like to congratulate all female employees, officers and colleagues in the Company with their warm affection and respect. Best wishes, wish you always healthy, full of joy, full of happiness and success at work.