New color announcement of VCmo wire sheaths in the North market

  • 01:50, 02/09/2020
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Dear Customer


First of all, Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company would like to sincerely thank customers for trusting and using CADIVI branded electric cables during the past time.

To meet the tastes of customers in the Northern market, CADIVI Company changes the colors of the insulation and sheath of VCmo wire products as follows:

Insulation layer: blue, black change to white, red.
Sheath: Traditional yellow changes to dark gold (see attached image).



  • Area of ​​application: In the North (provinces from Ha Tinh outwards).
    Place of production: CADIVI Bac Ninh Factory.
    Changing the color of the insulation and sheath on the VCmo wire does not affect the product quality while still complying with TCVN 6610-5, type 6610TCVN 53 as well as with National Regulation QCVN 4: 2009 / BKHCN and revised 1: 2016 QCVN 4: 2009 / BKHCN.


    Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company (CADIVI) will start to circulate its products in the Northern market from September 3, 2020. Products manufactured before September 3, 2020 are still in circulation until the end.

    CADIVI Company would like to confirm that this adjustment does not affect the quality of CADIVI branded products that have been trusted and trusted by consumers so far. The adjustment is only aimed at meeting consumer tastes and developing CADIVI brand in the Northern market.


    Sincerely thank our customers for creating the conditions for the development of CADIVI.


                                                                                           GENERAL MANAGER




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