• 09:54, 08/10/2015
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Dated 4/10/2015, JSC Vietnam Electric Cable (CADIVI abbreviated name) solemnly held a ceremony to receive the first-class Labor Medal (2nd), the 40th anniversary of establishment ( 6 / 10-1975 - 10.06.2015) and introduced a new brand identity at the Presidential Palace, Ho. Ho Chi Minh. The event marked a meaningful milestone and great for collective leadership, officers and employees for 40 years CADIVI unite together, innovation, determination to build CADIVI always companies leading electric cable in Vietnam.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Hoang Trung Hai - Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Le Thanh Liem - City commissioners, Vice Chairman of HCM City, the comrades representatives of the ministries, departments, branches, leaders of departments under the Ministry of Industry and trade, the Dong Nai provincial leadership, collective leadership Electricity VN and affiliates, and its partners, customers, distributors and foreign officials and employees of the company.



Mr. Hoang Trung Hai - Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam awarded Medal of Merit First Labour (2nd) for CADIVI.

At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai praised the results and achievements in the manufacturing business unit has been awarded the title Hero of Labor period of innovation in the process of construction and development of commercial CADIVI famous brand in the field of electrical engineering Vietnam. Deputy Prime Minister wants, with a high sense of responsibility, solidarity, consensus and creative efforts in production and business of the team officials and employees, CADIVI will continue to grow faster, comprehensive more and gain greater achievements in production and business operation of electric cables, a greater contribution to the development of electric cable industry in particular and the country's industrialization and modernization and international economic integration fall.

Established since 06/10/1975, JSC electric cable company VN formerly copper wire under the General Department of Mechanical Engineering. During the transition of the economy to the market economy, the company has repeatedly changed its name as well as the transformation of ownership, then was privatized in 2007 under the name Electric Cable Corporation VN as it is today. 2014, CADIVI has officially listed its shares on the Stock Exchange code CAV HCMC Securities; marks the maturity of the development roadmap of the company. Currently shares of CADIVI CAV is the interest of many investors and CADIVI's sole representative in the electrical cable sector in its list of "50 best listed companies in Vietnam" in 2015 by Forbes magazine Vietnam Average place.

Experiencing 40 years of construction and development, with the effort and the investment strategy right business, CADIVI has always exceeded the plan with an average growth rate of 20-25% / year; become the oil of the growth in the power cable industry VN. Revenue from the moment of its foundation has increased dozens of times, namely in 2014 revenue reached 5386 billion, dividend steady at 30% the past year. Business production scale has been expanded with five manufacturing plants are equipped with modern production lines in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Da Nang and 2 branches in northern and central Vietnam. Wire and cable products CADIVI has the advantage of "good conductor - safety insulation - saving energy", are manufactured and inspected according to national standards and international standards; are partners and domestic and foreign customers trust and appreciation. CADIVI currently has relationships with more than 200 business maker wire, cables and economic group of the 25 countries in the world. CADIVI's distribution system has been expanded and developed with over 200 dealers and 2000 Level 1 Level 2 sales agents across the country and more than 10 overseas distributors. With the slogan "Bringing light to every corner", in the last 5 years, more than 10 million grant CADIVI km dacung cables achieve national quality standards for the civil engineering, housing projects as well as projects construction, major projects of the power sector. Brands CADIVI through each development stage has really matured, is confident and increasingly ingrained in consumer sentiment; become a major brand in the electrification of the country, as evidenced by the prestigious award from the Government, ministries, sectors such as the title of Labour Hero Unit renovation period, Independence Medal Second class, First class Labor Medal, Victory Medal, etc. and the trophies, awards national and international such as Vietnam high Quality Goods 19 consecutive years, the Gold award national Quality award 2008 , "Business reputation" recognition by the Ministry of Industry and Trade; was Prime Minister of selecting a "national brand" for 4 consecutive times since 2008; , Vietnam is now the first prize award Quality First International Asia - Pacific (IAPQA) World Class level for large manufacturing enterprises.

On this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Loc - Board Member, CEO CADIVI was honored Medal 3rd Class Labor for outstanding achievements in the management, contribute to the development of Mouse.



Nguyen Loc - Board Member, CEO CADIVI honored class Labor Medal Grade 3

Besides, CADIVI has officially introduced a new identification system in the event. On the basis of inheriting the values ​​that the old logo to the system a new brand identity with a new logo subtly refined, using bright red tones accompany brand graphics shown trust, common hydro and pioneer in brand personality. All CADIVI give a new identity to reach a new level, in line with the development orientation "Firm steps Enhance garde world" by CADIVI in the integration process. The system identifies the new brand not only changes in appearance but also an internal overhaul of CADIVI to aims, vision, mission and overall strategic long-term development, while creating new experiences for customers, marking the dramatic transformation of the 40 years of construction and growth of the company.



Photos of the new Corporate Identity CADIVI

Following the success has been achieved, the next stage, CADIVI will focus on developing high quality human resources and access to and efficient use of funds mobilized to focus on investment, development and expand the production line at 3 North, Central and South; more diversified product mix. Future Vision, CADIVI will strive from national brands rise as an international brand, to become one of the leading manufacturer of power cables in Southeast Asia.

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