CADIVI Company is the only Vietnamese member of the International Association of Wire and Cable Manufacturers IA INTERCABLE

  • 08:09, 18/02/2021
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International Association (IA) "Intercable" was created in order to render it's members assistance in technical and commercial activities. Now the Association units 70 firms - producers of cables, wires, cable machinery and cable materials from 23 countries from Europe, Asia and USA. Trading firms working in the field of Cable Industry are also Intercable members.


A longtime member of the INTERCABLE IA Association, CADIVI is also the only representative from Vietnam. This is the prestige of CADIVI company that has been recognized by an international community of wire and cable manufacturers.


CADIVI Company, we will constantly improve our reputation and product quality to continue representing Vietnam to participate in INTERCABLE IA Association, helping to bring CADIVI product images to the international community more strongly.