• 08:57, 11/06/2020
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With the desire to provide the market with good electrical conductive cables, safe insulation, energy-saving and improve the toughness, durability but still operate in harsh environments from -40oC to At 90oC, CADIVI Company has researched, developed and produced new products: Flexible cables with TPU sheath, withstand high mechanical impacts, twisted-cycle movements, withstand oil and oil mechanical abrasion, can be repeated in submerged environment, alkaline environment, ... with operating environment temperature range from -40oC up to 90oC. Products are widely applied in the fields of Industry, Automation, Construction ... today.

Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane (TPU) has been widely used in the electric cable industry since the 1960s. Throughout use, it has been shown that this compound has many advantages for the electrical cable sheath. .

With good mechanical properties and resistant to oil and chemicals, TPU is an ideal material for sheathing flexible, flexible, and flexible cables. TPU can be used in harsh environments such as very low temperatures (-40 OC), mechanical shock, automated robots in the factory require cables to withstand many cycles, bending and twisting movements. times. In addition, the power cable with TPU plastic cover is also widely used in construction works, mines, ...

With the above characteristics, CADIVI company has applied TPU plastic to electric cable products H07BQ-F according to British standards - BS EN 50525-2-21 with the following advantages:

Flexibility, toughness, bending resistance, axial torsion, good mechanical properties.
Can work in environments up to -40 ° C while still retaining flexibility.
Maximum permissible working temperature is up to 90oC.
Installable in oil environment, alkali chemicals, flooded for a long time.
UV resistant (according to customer requirements).
There is no halogen.
Hard to tear, durable, high fatigue strength, withstand mechanical impact, abrasion resistance


In addition, the product also uses insulating materials made of artificial rubber (EI 6 elastic elastomer) meeting EN 50363-1, the working temperature of artificial rubber up to 90OC, however retains its elastic properties without aging, cracks, helping H07BQ-F cable operate consistently in the harshest environmental conditions.

With the advantages of materials, this new product of CADIVI is applicable in the following cases:

Powering high-mobility machines, production lines, and automated robots in the factory requires cables to withstand repeated, repeated bending, twisting and twisting movements.
Supplying power to electric tools at construction sites, mines, etc. requires durability, toughness, mechanical impact.
The equipment used in agriculture
Use in cold storage where the temperature is low to -40oC


Supply power to equipment used in cold storage



Supply power to equipment on construction site

Developing new features for traditional products means the process of creating added value for products, helping customers have more options. This is one of the core values that CADIVI company is determined to implement to better serve our customers.