CADIVI attending "Trade Expo - Services - Tourism Vietnam - Myanmar 2016 (Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016)"

  • 10:34, 29/04/2016
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Under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, Center for Trade Promotion and Investment HCMC (ITPC) continue to organize Fair Exhibition Program trade - Services - Tourism Vietnam - Myanmar 2016 (Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016).

Fair Trade Exhibition - Services - Tourism Vietnam - Myanmar 2016 (Ho Chi Minh City Expo) is one of the trade promotion events, major investments in Myanmar's annual City

Fair to support business penetration, brand promotion, market expansion, establishing distribution channels Vietnam products at markets, supermarkets as well as directly Myanmar to introduce products into the hands Myanmar consumers. Ho Chi Minh City Fair Expo 2015 in Myanmar has attracted more than 54,000 visitors and shopping, the event is considered exciting and spectacular for consumers Myanmar.

Continuation and promotion of such success has been achieved, "Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016" in Myanmar this year with the expected size of 200 booths from Vietnam businesses focused primarily on the areas of the world reliable, high reputation, good quality to introduce consumers to Myanmar as food, food, clothing, footwear, household appliances, cosmetics, agricultural materials, construction, decoration real…

In addition, the "Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016" in Myanmar, there are activities, market surveys, promoting tourism between the two countries.

Attending the "Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016", CADIVI continues to bring to market products Myanmar traditional strengths such as electrical wire, power cable, bare copper wire, fire resistant cables, fire-retardant, the type PVC ... and a number of new products such as coaxial cables, telephone wires.

Invite you to visit booth CADIVI in "Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016": zone A booth A5, Tatmadaw Hall, Yangon City, Myanmar. The period from October through December 01/04 2016 04/04.