CADIVI successfully organized the new products launching event.

  • 08:13, 03/07/2018
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On 29th June, 2018, Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company was officially presented the new products with primacies to agents and partners. 


With the development of the technology, beside the criterias of standards; the demand of using cable in construction project is switching to the new higher rate- Safety, Economy and environmentally friendly which are included: Primary aiport lighting cables copper conductor, Flame retardant cabbles and Photovoltalic cabbles.  


General Director of CADIVI- Mr. Le Quang Dinh’s speech at the lauching event


Mr. Le Minh Hoang- represented Technology Department to introduce about the new products. 



Always accompanying customers with innovative products, CADIVI proudly provide environmentally-friendly, safe and energy-saving electrical wiring solutions that contribute to improved quality, quality of construction and social security

  1. Primary airport lighting cable copper conductor, XLPE insulation, copper tape shield, HDPE sheath


The products used in the electric system of rolling lights, airport runways or for speaking from the cash dispenser to the isolation transformers in the airport light circuits. The cable is certificated by The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam be able to apply in any constructions.

Refer to the catalog here.

2. Flame retardant cables- copper conductor, XLPO insulation


It is a product of fire retardant cable which switches itself off when it is withdrawn from sources of fire, low smoke and non-halogen, which help increase the safety of electricity use and fire prevention. The product is applied in fire alarm system, smoke detector or in the system of public works gathering people, apartment buildings, commercial centers, train stations, underground. v

Refer to the catalog here.

3. Photovoltaic cables H1Z2Z2 – K – 1,5 kV DC


With superior properties: Ozone Resistance, UV, Acid Resistant, Alkali, Lubricant, Flame Retardant, self-extinguishing after removal of fire source, no halogen, toxic gas should be applied in The solar power system connects the current from the photovoltaic panels to the junction box or switch box to the opposite direction converter.

Refer to the catalog here.