• 02:53, 17/10/2017
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On 07/10/2017, CADIVI successfully held the Central Highlands customer conference in Gia Lai with the attendance of nearly 150 guests. This is an opportunity for CADIVI to meet with agents, electric shops, M & E contractors, shops, electricians, etc. in the Central Highlands.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Le Tran Vinh - Director of CADIVI Middle Center said about the business results of the Central Highlands in 9 months 2017 and the development of the Central Highlands market of CADIVI in the near future. next. With the estimated growth rate to double this year, CADIVI will continue to have many policies to support agents in the Central Highlands in all aspects.


Representatives of the representative said that Thanh Ngan Gia Lai - a distributor of electric cable CADIVI in Gia Lai and also one of the top 5 Distributors in the Central Region in 2016 of CADIVI. shared the sincerity and sincerity of the advantages, difficulties and special emphasis on the psychology of consumers always choose to buy electric cables to ensure quality and safety because according to the survey 80% of the cause Explosion is due to short circuit. Therefore, the dealers themselves are assured when trading CADIVI products because the product quality is always stable and brand prestige.


Following this, Mr. Le Quang Dinh - General Director of CADIVI expressed his deep thanks for the great contribution of agents and the enthusiastic support of customers in the Central Highlands and committed to We always support our dealers to continue to bring the brand together, and CADIVI products are more and more sustainable in the Central Highlands market in the coming time.


The conference has been intimate, cozy with the entertainment and lottery program with lucky lucky draw.

Some images of the conference: