CADIVI holding the 2nd best skilled worker contest sucessfully

  • 08:57, 03/10/2017
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On 30/9/2017, CADIVI successfully organized the closing ceremony of the Good Works Contest in 2017 with the participation of the leaders, the Party Committee, the Executive Committee of the trade union of 40 companies.

Recently, the company CADIVI and the company union launched the contest of skilled workers in 2017. The contest is held every 2 years to improve the level of theory, workmanship, industrial style. and raise the sense of responsibility of the workers; At the same time, encourage and encourage laborers to continue to study, improve their professional knowledge, train their skills so that the production of the company is of good quality and high productivity, helping to over Targeted on production and business of the company.

The contest was held in 4 weeks with the participation of 40 participants from CADIVI's manufacturing units including CADIVI Factory in Mien Dong, CADIVI Sai Gon Factory, CADIVI Middle Factory, Limited Company MTV CADIVI Dong Nai. Exam contents include theoretical and practical exams to comprehensively examine the professional capacity of the candidates.

IMG_3188The contest was held at CADIVI Mien Dong Factory

IMG_3128The contest was held at CADIVI Sai gon Factory


The results of the contest have been selected by individuals and collectives excellence.IMG_3482Ông Lê Quang Định, TGĐ công ty CADIVI trao giải Bàn Tay Vàng cho các thí sinh

IMG_3477Ông Trịnh Quốc Toản-Phó TGĐ công ty CADIVI trao giải Thợ giỏi cho các thí sinh

IMG_3480Ông Đoàn Hoài Thanh –GĐ Nhân sự công ty CADIVI trao giải Thợ giỏi cho các thí sinh

IMG_3476Ông Nguyễn Minh Hiếu-Bí thư Đảng ủy công ty CADIVI trao Giải Khuyến khích cho các thí sinh

IMG_3487Ông Lê Quang Định, TGĐ công ty trao giải tập thể cho đại diện các đơn vị tham gia: Nhà máy CADIVI Miền Trung, nhà máy CADIVI Sài gòn, cty CADIVI Đồng Nai, nhà máy CADIVI Miền Đông.

IMG_3492Ông Trịnh Quốc Toản-Phó TGĐ công ty trao cờ giải tập thể cho đại diện các đơn vị tham gia


The success of this year's Fine Art Contest is a significant activity to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the founding of the company (October 6, 1975 -6 October 2017), in response to the 2017 trade union congress. -2022 coming. It can be said that the competition has spread, encouraging laborers in the whole company to actively study, improve professional skills, skills and professional style, helping to increase labor productivity and ensure. Product quality is always stable.

IMG_3501Các thí sinh đạt giải Bàn Tay Vàng và Thợ giỏi chụp hình lưu niệm

IMG_3503Toàn thể thí sinh và ban tổ chức chụp hình với lãnh đạo công ty